If you are Running an Industry in Rajasthan, You have Got to Go Solar

Arpit | 9th February 2018

Running a successful business is all about staying on top of your competition, evolving your methods, enhancing your customer base and ultimately improving your bottom line. To say it in the layman's terms, it is all about improving the profitability of your company and saving on everything that you can without compromising on the quality or giving up on critical things. It is a well-known fact that Electricity Bill consumption is a big recurring cost that every industry owner has to bear. While machines continue to get power efficient, the cost of power also has gone up in the last few years and continues to do so, making your electricity bill a recurring expense. This is where going solar can be a well informed Financial decision. With a Solar System on your rooftop, not only will you produce your own power and consume it bringing the cost of your electricity down, you will also lock in the costs of power for the next 25 years. This would mean that the price rise in power would no longer affect you.

Beyond this, obviously, there is a huge environmental impact that you would be making moving to a greener and cleaner source of energy. You can also claim Accelerated Depreciation (AD) benefits with solar, which would ultimately reduce your tax liability further improving profitability. Therefore overall, as aforementioned, going solar will be a fitting decision that you would take for your Industry. With the state of Rajasthan famous for its small-scale industries, every penny saved is a penny earned and therefore going solar (especially when the generation in the state is one of the highest) should be seen as necessary.

Using our highly Advanced yet accurate Rooftop Solar Calculator, we have projected the outcome for an industrial consumer in Bhilwara who is spending Rs 1,00,000 on his electricity bill. As you can see yourself, the savings and Return on Investment are unprecedented and no other financial investment, be it FD, stocks or any other will give you such benefits.

Whether you own a spinning mill or a textiles factory, a cement factory, stone or marble factory or a handicraft factory in cities of Rajasthan like Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Kota, Jhalawar, etc, you are in the region where sun shines very brightly and your energy savings with solar will be very high and MYSUN will help you go solar and enjoy the benefits of the same. MYSUN already has several high-quality rooftop solar projects executed in the state of Rajasthan and we would be glad to facilitate your solar journey. MYSUN uses only top quality, reliable and high-efficiency solar panels and solar string inverters from Tier 1 manufacturers, has a team on the ground to engineer and design the most optimum solar panel layout on your roof and have on-ground solar operations and maintenance (O&M) teams. With expertise in handling all kinds of rooftops, at MYSUN we are the perfect rooftop solar partner that you need to get high solar generation from your roof.

If you are a Solar Installer in the regions mentioned above and want to take your business to the next level, MYSUN is also looking for Solar Partners. You may get in touch with us using the details on our Contact Us Page.

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